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Satori Infuse

Integrated Contact Data Quality Solutions

Built for easy integration and maintenance, Satori Infuse offers a complete set of tools for the development of a contact data quality solution that meets your organization’s unique needs. Validate addresses at point-of-entry on your website. Clean, update and append additional details to contact records in any database. Add value to your retail product by integrating address quality features. Infuse works with nearly any application that collects, stores or interacts with contact data.

Know more about your prospects and customers

Identify the existing data sets that are core to your business. Analyze what you would want to add to your existing data. Don’t let your process stop once you repair addresses – move beyond that and know more about your prospects and customers than you ever have before.

  • Gain a more complete view of your customers
  • Improve marketing efforts
  • Promote offers by household, geography or psychographics
  • Make data quality a priority
  • Know your customers better by learning more about them
  • Run more efficient marketing campaigns
Be the Best Direct Mailer in the Market

To be the best direct mailer you need to have the most successful mailings. Period. Your mailing success hinges upon the data you have; if your data isn’t complete, is missing information, or has inaccuracies, your mailings will suffer.

Ensure your data sets you up for success.
  • Increase delivery rates by adding unit numbers with Apartment Append.
  • Reduce undeliverable mail with 48-Month NCOALink® Move Update and Extended Change of Address services.
  • Maximize postal discounts with USPS® High Density and Saturation with Walk Sequence.
Prove to Your Customers that You Deliver

Don’t mail blindly. Get full visibility of your mail within the USPS® mail stream and compile all of your data into easy-to-read, customizable reports with EasyTrack.

Improve service

Coordinate direct mail programs with more accurate delivery dates, provide proof of mailing services provided, and easily share reports for better customer service.

Increase insight 

Monitor mail delivery windows, generate custom reports pulled directly from the IMB Tracing® program, drill down into maps, and get powerful piece-level analysis.

Be proactive

Ensure vendors are performing as contracted, and identify and resolve delivery problems before they become customer problems.

Direct Mail, Meet Email
Good email information expands your business.

A physical address is only part of the picture. Increase the success of your campaigns by increasing your points of contact. Add email addresses to your contact lists to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that effectively reaches your audience.

Email Append. Our service lets you add email addresses when you or your customers need them to increase your reach to include email addresses.
Bad email addresses hurt your business.

Bad email addresses mean more than a missed opportunities to connect. Emailing to fake addresses can land you on a spammer list, or make you vulnerable to cyber threats – both of which can bring your business to a halt. Protect yourself from honeypots (spam traps) and exposure to viruses by ensuring you are mailing to valid email addresses.

Our Email Validation service safeguards your business and offers piece of mind as you run email campaigns for yourself or your clients.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Connect

Whether managing your own customer lists or providing this service for your clients, contact data isn’t complete without phone information.

Be confident that you have–and can provide–the most comprehensive contact information, ensuring you make the connections that are important to your business–from contacting a client about a job, to reaching out to new prospects.

Phone validation—make sure the number you have is for the right person.
Phone append—don’t have a contact’s number? Add it.
Phone information—ensure the number’s active and not on the “Do Not Call” list.

Target Your Audience. Target Growth.

Reaching the right person with a relevant message is critical to a campaign’s success. Do you want to send an area specific coupon to the wrong ZIP Code™? Do you want to send an offer to someone in a household who isn’t the decision maker? No, you don’t.

You know who else doesn’t want you to? The people you’re reaching out to.

Accurate targeting triples response rates*.

  • Who makes the buying decisions?—identify Head-of-Household.
  • Where are they?—check Centroid Geocoding.
  • What street and which neighborhood do they live in?—use Address-Level Geocoding.
  • Are they even around to get the message?—run Suppression Suite.

Data Services

US Phone Information

Ensure the number is active, is not on the “Do Not Call” list, and identify the type of phone and carrier for each contact on your list.

US Phone Append

Add phone numbers to contact lists using your existing contact data.

Reverse Phone Append

With a 10-digit phone number you can find the associated name and address.

Email Append

Add individual or family emails to your contact database.

Email Validation

Correct misspelled or incomplete addresses, remove invalid characters, verify email addresses, and ensure your contact’s email is safe and deliverable.

US Address Geocoding

Append latitude and longitude information during the address correction process. Use this data to send geographically targeted mailings. For example, build a sub-list of all records within 25 miles of a ZIP Code™.

US Centroid Geocoding

Using data that is accurate to the ZIP + 4® level, find contacts within a specified radius of a desired location.

International Address Correction

Correct and standardize addresses for over 240 countries and territories.