Satori Presort

Advance your mailing operations

Speed, flexibility and high-quality service for mailers that are familiar with postal regulations.As the exclusive provider of Satori Presort, Label Studio and PrintForm, formerly sold under the SAP Postalsoft® brand, we at Satori Software are pleased to offer you personal support for all your mailing software needs today and into the future.

  • Achieve the best possible postage discounts
  • Meet unique operational requirements
  • Bring mail into production more efficiently
  • Leverage tailored postal agreements
  • Satori Presort
    Advanced mailing operations rely on PAVE™ Gold, IMB®, IMpb®, and eVS® certified Satori Presort to produce mailings that meet USPS® regulations and leverage optional procedure agreements and niche classifications.


Mail America: Solutions That Tie Presort and PostalOne!® Together

How did Mail America get to where they are today? Learn about the challenges they faced, the business benefits they gained and their plan of action to achieve success.

Gain Control and Flexibility to Customize Your Mailings

Whether you’re looking for the best postage discounts, expedited delivery or automating operations, Satori Presort offers the control and flexibility to customize mailings to include options such as palletization, mixed-class co-mail, multiple entry point drop shipping, manifest mailings and Air Freight Boxes. Satori Presort supports the latest USPS® offerings, such as Full-Service™, eInduction™, Incentives and Intelligent Mail® with the necessary output for printing as well as electronic document submission through Mail.dat® or Shipping Services File, including including eVS®, an electronic verification system.


Designed to scale with your needs

Gain needed speed and flexibility for your distributed processing environment. Satori Presort can be scaled to meet the capabilities your company needs from a standalone installation to server-client deployments on different platforms.