PostBase Mini

The PostBase Mini is part of FP’s PostBase line of postage meters. The Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and is perfect for small businesses with light mail volume. It’s the first and only small business meter to include IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia), the U.S. Postal Service’s most secure postage data and imprinting system.

Adopting PostBase’s award-winning design in a brilliantly small form, the Mini features a color touch screen that makes setup and operations as easy as withdrawing cash on an ATM. PostBase Mini is also quiet as a typical office conversation, making it a perfectly polite office mate.

Key Features

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • User-friendly color touch screen control
  • The only meter on the market with IMI security
  • Available high capacity (up to 70 lbs) external scale

Typical Usage

Letters: The PostBase Mini is a light-volume machine, designed for small businesses that process no more than a few hundred letters per month.

Shipping: When combined with an external scale (via included PC software), the Mini can print postage for packages up to 70 lbs.

How it Works

The Mini is a fast-operating hand-feed posting machine. When you insert an envelope, the machine holds the envelope, prints the requiredpostage, and then releases the envelope


Calculating & Printing Postage: Set the mail type (e.g. “First Class” or “Priority Mail”), place your mail piece on the integrated scale for weighing, and the machine will print the correct postage amount on your envelope or label. You can also manually set any desired postage amount.

Replenishing Postage: Simply tap a couple of buttons on the color touch screen and the Mini will download funds via the Internet from your USPS postage account, which is managed by FP.

Feature Details

Whisper-quiet operation
FP engineered the Mini from the ground up to be a quite, polite office companion. Your coworkers won’t even realize you’re processing a batch of postage.

User-friendly color touch screen control
The modern color touch screen makes controlling and operating the Mini as easy as making a call with your smartphone.

Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) security
At launch, the PostBase Mini is the only postage meter available that conforms to the USPS Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) criteria. This gives the Mini the highest level of security, protecting your valuable postage from loss or theft.

Available high capacity (up to 70 lbs) external scale
The Mini connects easily to an external scale via free RemoteOne software, greatly expanding your ability to handle large package shipping.

Smooth, reliable postage imprinting at up to 17 letters per minute
If you already understand the benefits of using a postage meter, you won’t find a quieter, simpler meter in its class.

Five scale color choices
The 5lb integrated scale comes in five different colors so you can customize your PostBase to fit your office environment and personal style.scale-colors

Competitive Comparison


PostBase Mini compares favorably feature-for-feature with Pitney Bowes MailStation 2 and Neopost IS-280. When you factor in the Mini’s easy-to-use color touch screen, smooth operation, legendary PostBase reliability, and award-winning design, we’re confident you’ll see PostBase Mini as the best choice in its class!

What does the Mini have that the competition lacks?

  • Color touch screen operation (like a smart phone)
  • Free RemoteOne software to enhance functionality
  • Optional ReportOne software with additional accounting & reporting
  • 31% smaller footprint than Pitney Mailstation 2
  • 150% higher capacity standard scale
  • Personalizing scale colors






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  1. Portal access
  2. RemoteOne (PC control software)
  3. PReportOne (account management) optional
  4. 3 Accounts – Standard
  5. 3 Customizable meter advertisements
  6. 3 Presets (Shortcuts)
  7. Free sample meter advertisements
  8. Customizable SMS text messages


  1. Color touch screen
  2. Letter thickness 6 mm (0.23?)
  3. Processing speed (letters per minute) 17
  4. Integrated scale, capacity in lbs 5lb
  5. External scale (requires PC software) Optional 30lb/70lb
  6. High speed postage download (LAN)
  7. Departmental security
  8. Print resolution 300 dpi
  9. Imprints per cartridge 1,900
  10. Dimensions (width/depth/height) 12.2? x 8.1? x 9.1?
  11. Weight 6.6 lbs