Planet Press Suite

What it does?

Enhance your business documents.

Create new business documents or enhance existing ones without the help of any consultants.

Design better documents with your existing data sources.

PlanetPress allows you to add value to your business documents and distribute them in a format that best suits the recipient’s preferences.

Works with any design source you already haveimage-ideal-business

Generate your ideal business documents
Start from any document

With PlanetPress you can design your invoices, your reports or any business document from scratch or you can import a PDF file into the designer and start your redesign work from that file to save some time.

All your data and assets are in one place

Images, dynamic graphics, data from print streams, databases, XML files or any other text based format stored anywhere, can be read by PlanetPress and easily mapped onto a document. We know, it’s kind of cool.


Maximize your relationship with your customersimage-personalize-document

Make the most out of your current communications

Get personal
Call your customers by name. Merge data from different systems to add value and personalization to your communications so they become more relevant to your customers.

Add or remove content as you want
Use wizards to add dynamic data driven pie, line and bar charts. Text, graphics, even complete pages can logically change based on information in your data stream.


Task Automation

Automate tasks and workflows.

Because nobody likes to do boring and repetitive stuff.

Automate your document workflow

Think of a workflow as being a pipe. Data and documents are falling down that pipe and you can make clever decisions about what’s going to happen to those documents.

Use people on useful projects instead

Automate all kinds of tasksimage-engrenage
PlanetPress’ Workflow tool

Whatever needs to happen to your document can be automated. The drag and drop interface lets you easily create and manage document workflows that fit your organizational logic.

Trigger processes from any entry point

Upon reception of any source including shared folders, Windows print queues, e-mail messages, ODBC compliant databases, Telnet, FTP and even Anoto digital pen, you can configure PlanetPress to automatically trigger printing, emailing, publishing or updating processes.



Processes should evolve with your businessimage-manage-workflows

Nobody knows what you need better than you
You’re not captive

Objectif Lune’s development philosophy is all about freeing our customers from captive environments. This is why PlanetPress is built as a toolset that you can play with. Being adaptive and customizable is what this software is all about.

You’re not alone either

The PlanetPress workflow tool offer numerous easy to use built-in objects to simplify connecting to and communicating with almost any enterprise application. Of course, if you need any help, we have a pretty awesome support team as well as online training available.


Become more efficient

Automate document distribution

With PlanetPress, documents can be printed or output in digital format in one single job. Their destination can be programed ahead of time based on the recipients need or business logic, either through Web publishing, email, fax or indeed conventional mail by adding OMR barcodes.

Automate mail preparation

By adding variable OMR marks (to indicate that the number of pages is variable, or to add inserts, for example), it is possible to automate envelope stuffing using inserters/folders. PlanetPress can recognize information intended for the same person, merge it into a single envelope, saving postage.

Automate archiving tasks

With PlanetPress, archiving is automatic. The software creates an index file for any document created, making it easy to retrieve information. The indexing information can be put in a barcode, making it possible to file the document in the desired location automatically when scanning. Archiving is not only automatic but also electronic, allowing you to safely store the document in any EDM system.

What You Get?

Cost reductions

Because it’s built like a toolbox and because it works with virtually any system you already have in place. Even very old ones.

System Cost Reductionno-change

Don’t buy new systems
PlanetPress gives a second life to data systems. When they can’t export in the expected format or when they’re not able to talk to one another, PlanetPress steps in.

PlanetPress reads, combines and repackages whatever output file or stream you have so that you’re able to use the information in the format you want, in the order you want and at the moment you need it.


Human resources costs reduction

Free yourself from consultants.
At Objectif Lune, we hate those legacy mentalities where clients get stuck with technology only experts understand. We like when our clients are in the driver seat. It gives them the ability to customize little detail over time and develop skills internally instead of always asking consultants whenever a change is needed.

Automate boring and repetitive tasks
What’s so nice about automating scanning, archiving and mail preparation tasks is that you get your team back. Freeing up their time from manual repetitive work, you get to affect them to more creative, fulfilling and relevant tasks that actually do require a human brain to be done properly.

Print costs reduction

No more stationery stocks

Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms to be able to print on-demand. Correcting a phone number, adding an email address, or changing a logo used to be a headache when dealing with printed stationery. With PlanetPress, simply open the appropriate form in the designer tool, modify and save your changes. No need to order, manage and store expensive pre-printed forms.

Print only what you need

With PlanetPress workflow tool, you can reduce the number of pages you print by printing only the information relevant for each single recipient. You also get to dynamically add personalized messages to existing documents so you don’t need to print new ones. Of course, printing on both sides of the page (duplex) is very well supported.

Load balancing

Do you have large print jobs to run occasionally? Maybe you already have a couple of printers installed and don’t want to invest in a large-scale printer? Use PlanetPress’ load balancing capabilities to send equal or variable sized parts to each of your printers or output engines.

Postal costs reduction

Reduce the amount of paper you send
Instead of sending two different documents, pay no extra postage by turning invoices into advertising vehicles. PlanetPress also helps to reduce the number of pages you print for each of your customers by selecting only the relevant content to print.

Optimize each mailing by grouping them
PlanetPress easily integrates with third party solutions to help presort and cleanse mailing addresses as well as grouping multiple documents to the same customer. This often saves you money once you get to the post office.

Better Communications

Communications that drive more impact

Your clients have different knowledge about your products and services, and have different reasons for using them… so shouldn’t their communications be as unique as them?

Communication personalization

Don’t be ignored

Being able to customise your business documents is key to making them more relevant for every recipient and not be ignored by your customers. Content is everywhere. Consumers attention span diminishes. Getting personal and relevant has never been this important.

Say the right thing at the right time
PlanetPress can read pretty much any system’s output. This means that, whatever system you use to segment your customers, and whatever the segments you have, you can now can take action based on that information. Adding coupons, messages about related items or service contracts relevant to a CRM table or a line item in the invoice is a piece of cake with PlanetPress.

Multi-channel distribution

One tool to rule them all
PlanetPress’ designer tool significantly reduces the amount of work needed to produce the various adaptations of a document intended to be distributed through multiple channels. With access to data, assets, and code snippets, everything is available under the one roof to help you build personalised, good looking attractive and engaging documents optimised to for their specific context.

  • Email
  • Update web pages / FTP
  • Print / Mail / Fax
  • Copy / Archive

Operational flexibility

Operational flexibility and freedom

PlanetPress sits next to your existing IT infrastructure so you can make separate systems work together to create intelligent workflows and documents.

Keep your systems running

Risk-free implementations
PlanetPress actually doesn’t connect to your systems, it simply reads existing outputs. Whether your system outputs text based files or data / print streams, PlanetPress will be able to read them and to take action upon them in regards to the workflows you have setup leaving your system untouched and your IT team worry free.

Outputs you may already have

  • ASCII / Line printer data / Channel skip
  • HTML / CSV / XML / PDF / Word® & Excel®
  • Windows printer drivers / Print management systems
  • Emails / FTP / Telnet / SOAP
  • Data from: Multiple ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems and EDMs
Freedom to optimise at your own pace

You have full control
PlanetPress is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution, it’s a toolset, making it an extremely flexible solution. Business optimization is an ongoing process and your organization’s needs will evolve over time, making it super important that you remain in control of the costs, the skills and the workflow setup automated in PlanetPress.

Start simple. Learn. Iterate.
Some organizations use it simply to move data around. Others use it to automate boring tasks such as scanning documents, archiving or mail preparation. At AMSI, we even use it for our Hockey Pool! As soon as you start playing with it, you’ll realize its potential and start automating stuff.

Operational efficiency

Are you the real boss, or is it your systems? The fact is that the speed at which your system can react to and accommodate changes is crucial to meet the consumers’ ever-evolving requirements.

Automate document related tasks

Document scanning tasks
Using OL’s Capture technology on your document gives you the ability to trigger follow-up business processes at the point of signature

Document handling tasks
Whether it’s archiving a document, making a copy on a remote FTP server or sending email confirmations to a group of people, triggers can easily be configured to automate very simple tasks all the way through to complex document workflows.

Mail preparation tasks
By using PlanetPress to drive folders/inserter devices, you can automate envelope stuffing. You can also automate the addition of insert by using data from your mail stream to select the correct tray. To ensure mail integrity, easily add OMR marks to your documents on the fly without redesigning them.

Wiser print job managementLoad-Balancing

Load balancing
Do you have large print jobs to run occasionally? Maybe you already have a couple of printers installed and don’t want to invest in a large-scale printer? Use PlanetPress’ load balancing capabilities to send equal or variable sized parts to each of your printers or output engines.

Stop sending work to one machine and clogging it up for a long time. You can even program the software to be able to send print job to whichever machine is free – depending on a set of priorities.

Switch printers depending on the documentSwitch-Printer

Distributed printing is about getting everybody what they need faster. You can print an invoice and a personalised cover letter at sales headquarters, add accounting copy from your accounts receivable department, generate a packing slip and shipping label at your warehouse and send an email confirming the order, all from the same data stream you currently use to print invoices. Nice huh!

Unleash your printers’ full potential.
Printer centric processing is about taking full advantage out of the printer’s resources. Variable content document templates reside on the printer’s hard drive and are merged at high speed with incoming host data at the point of print. What is so great about printer centric processing is that aside from accelerating your printing speed, you don’t need to change a thing to anything your (sometimes old) systems were already sending to your printers because all the formatting and data-handling job is done by the printer.

Want to replace old line printers?
Since all the changes happened on the printer side, replacing old impact or line printers becomes a piece of cake with PlanetPress.


A lot of small and medium businesses are often confronted by the same problem when it comes to reducing operational inefficiencies: too small for major investments to automatically solve their issues; and too big to allow themselves to handle case by case resolutions.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.




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