Planet Press Capture

Make your paper form intelligent

Can’t go paperless? Capture is for you!

  • Trigger document workflows from signed paper
  • Digital pen and paper means no more scanning
  • Synchronize over your mobile device
The digital pen that automates processes

OL Capture combines Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress workflow automation tool with Anoto’s digital pen making it possible to automate paper based processes such as signing a contract or a bill of lading.

How it Works?

Capture data on your existing paper forms

Turn your paper forms into e-forms and trigger a document workflow upon signature of a document.

Setup Once:

image-add-capture-zoneAdd data capture zones

Data capture zones turn your paper into digital input devices or e-forms. It’s like putting brain on paper. These patterned zones are unique and link to individual entities that connect to any of your systems which makes each document you print unique.

image-workflowsSetup your automated document workflows

Set up automated document workflows with data captured from your digital pen as a trigger. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to gain full control over your document workflows to change them as you wish.

Run Forever:

image-print-documentPrint your documents

Just hit print. No special order paper, no special printer, and no need to call Peter from IT. Just print the new forms when you need. Using the Capture software, pages will even print faster on your normal printer.

image-use-your-formUse your forms as if Capture was not there

Complete the document. Dock your Anoto Pen or sync via mobile device. The data gets sent securely immediately to your systems to get processed. You can leave the document with your customer, on the pallet, or use it to play hacky sac. It doesn’t matter because all the information is stored into your system upon sending.


 1.  System Integration:

  • Open Architecture : It has an open architecture.
  • 8 languages available: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Great connectivity: Capture can connect to any system that generates print output.

2.  Form Design:

  • Adding brains: Capture zones are the brains of the forms.
  • Familiar Interface:  The easy to learn design interface lowers the learning curve so you can build a smart, unique form in no time!
  • Variable input: Your customers are unique right <insert name>? Make them feel that way.
  • Recycling existing forms: No need to delete your existing forms. Give them some brains by adding capture zones and reuse.

3.  Workflow Management:

  • Drag and drop interface: Now you can create and optimize workflows the way you want them, without the pain.
  • Adaptable workspace: Capture gives you the flexibility to combine and attach different components to your workspace to manage your screen’s real estate or just feel comfortable.
  • Process triggering: Choose your trigger time and how you want it to start.
  • Conditional workflows: Depending on the check boxes marked, automatically invoice, archive, send a copy, place an order, or all of the above.

4.  Capture Zones:

  • Intelligent Character Recognition: Capture’s ICR technology translates handwriting into high quality data computers can understand and process almost instantly.
  • ICR validation process: Using an accuracy level you are comfortable with, set up a process to confirm or change the translated handwriting quickly into something reliable and secure.
  • No more scanning: Since handwriting no longer needs to be entered manually and archive documents do not need to be scanned, processing time and entry errors are greatly reduced.

5.  On Demand Printing:

  • Print fast… really fast! : Capture’s proprietary pattern library and compression technology reduce redundancies so that printers do not have to process extra information allowing more energy to print faster.
  • Print what you need:Save space and stop buying preprinted paper. Since speed won’t be an issue with Capture, print as you go.
  • Print anywhere:  No need for multiple servers and technicians to manage the solution. So print quickly anywhere you need.

6.  Mobility:

  • An app to get you started: Your mobility starts with an app. Apps are available to Android, Blackberry, or Java based mobile devices.
  • Bluetooth:The Anoto digital pen contains a Bluetooth transceiver.
  • Send data securely: Your information is stored as a pgc file that is very hard to decipher even for a genius.



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