Our Goal

provides superior products for all of your mailing and shipping requirements. We value every customer relationship and understand the need for exceptional products, experience and support. Our goals are straight forward by providing businesses with comprehensive best in class solutions driven by two consistently changing industries – Mail Services and Transportation Management.COREsourceThese two environments are commonly overlooked where fixed and variable costs can be controlled down to the per piece cost. Some mailing and shipping environments require a collaboration between our internal divisions using “ONEsolution” so that we can bring all of our extensive product and industry knowledge together to make a return on investment case for your bottom line.

We are commited to designing and implementing flexible, scalable solutions for facilitating outbound and inbound business communications, whether physical or digital, anytime, anywhere. This includes the industry’s most advanced mailing, shipping and document handling products. AMERICAN will help to design, build, and service the highest quality intelligent material handling automation solutions that improve our customer’s capabilities.

46 proven years of experience where we can show increased mailroom productivity, reduced mailing costs while raising business efficiency and improved customer communications.