Satori Move Update Server

An Easy, Powerful, Money-Saving Solution

Find out why CROWNMAX, Inc., a print shop in Dunbar, West Virginia, counts on the Satori Software Move Update add-on to get the most from the Bulk Mailer software.With home prices on the rebound in many areas, the number of people moving has similarly rebounded. In approximately 84% of these cases, there exists a valid forwarding address. There is no need to suffer the inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and high cost of retaining out-of-date contact information.

Move Update Makes Updating Addresses A Lot Easier

Every week Elite Print Services administers 30 to 40 bulk mailings for its healthcare, credit union and collection agency clients. While Architect makes it easy to certify and sort addresses, Elite also relies greatly on its Move Update tool. Using Move Update, Elite can ensure that its client mailing lists are kept up-to-date and their mailings reach their destination. The end result: more accurate deliveries, fewer mail pieces returned, happier customers and greater savings.

No-Hassle Change-of-Address Processing

Our built-in, real-time* Move Update service uses a secure Internet connection to process lists against 48-month NCOALink® data. It’s easy and affordable to clean and update lists with as few as 100 unique name and addresses — there are no per-job minimum fees. Unlike using a typical NCOALink® service provider there’s NO delay, NO manual import/export, and NO messy data merge.

*Satori Software receives weekly NCOALink data updates from the USPS.

Very high resolution 3D rendering of an open mailbox with a letter arriving.
Very high resolution 3D rendering of an open mailbox with a letter arriving.
How it works

Once your Move Update account has been set up, all you need is an Internet connection and a supply of Move Update credits to use our built-in — real-time — Move Update service. Or you can purchase an annual contract for unlimited Move Update processing.

You’ll be able to process change-of-address updates whenever you need to use the service. It’s available day and night, seven days a week. Each address checked against our 48-month NCOALink® database deducts one credit from your account. There is no turnaround time or per-job setup fee.


Access Options

Customers who have very strict data processing security requirements may even purchase and host our Satori Move Update Server entirely on premise — additional USPS® licensing fee and certification required!  Those who would like to leverage Move Update as a Service, can access 48-month NCOALink® services via Bulk Mailer, Satori Architect, or through custom Professional Services implementations.