Mailing Systems

When it comes to processing different types of mail, postage stamps are not practical. If your business regularly sends out a large volume of letters and packages, an automated solution is financially beneficial. Mailing machines speed up your mail processes and reduce both your overall postal expenditures and the man-hours involved.

This is what AMERICAN MAILING SOLUTIONS INC. is passionate about. We aim to make mailing much easier with our premium mailing products and solutions. It is our goal to provide an extensive selection of modular equipment to upgrade your outdated mailroom that will reap the benefits of reduced expenses and improved productivity.

We offer mailing machines that automatically feed, weigh, seal and print postage for large quantities in a short amount of time. If your company values reliability and practicality, a mailing machine from AMERICAN is right for you.

Products we provide are:

FP-USA Mailing Systems

Data-Pac Mailing Systems

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