Inbound Tracking Solutions

SCLIntra™ uses the latest barcode tracking software, mobile computing hardware and package shipping software to monitor and control the flow of inbound, outbound and internal tangible objects — mail, packages / parcels, property, files, deliveries, shipments or people — as they enter, exit and move through a facility. Designed for rugged, real-world applications, SCLIntra™ features intuitive user interfaces, simple hand-held data collection devices, intelligent routing and sorting, proactive email notification, signature capture, desktop shipping and in-depth reporting. It allows any user to track (and ship) any object, and monitor distribution, anywhere within your facility; yet it’s flexible enough to adapt to the way your business already works.

SCLIntra Enterprise:
A Microsoft® .NET Framework-based application, SCLIntra™ Enterprise is a network-installed system of software and hardware optimized for use on your corporate intranet. Used by companies who require multi-building visibility or 100% Web-served applications, SCLIntra™ Enterprise provides accountability across the campus or the world. With built-in wireless components and accessibility through a browser anywhere on your network, SCLIntra™ Enterprise can be configured to track and report on any item as it moves throughout your organization.

For more information, download the SCLIntra™ Enterprise PDF brochure.

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