Satori Data Management Capabilities

We work with many Print Service Providers, and we see huge opportunity around data processing for saving time and scaling without adding resources.

Data management is an area that has not been reengineered and revitalized in a long time. And, while it has seemed off limits due to its perceived complexity and opacity, there are real and tangible improvements in time reduction and throughput available.

Satori Ignite’s data processing automation includes core ETL (Extract Transform Load) as well as data quality capabilities.  This includes the ability to read-from and write-to a wide variety of file formats and databases.  Files can then be manipulated via a variety of functions, such as sorting, filter, splitting and merging.  Additional data parsing and manipulation can be accomplished with the use of custom macros, like intelligent truncation and date extraction, or built using basic functions, such as substring, concatenate, find, replace and if-else conditions.  To top it off, Satori Ignite comes loaded with out-of-the-box support for name parsing as well as business and consumer de-duplication scenarios.

Core Data Management Capabilities Available Include:

Data-Import-and-Manipulation                                                         Name-Parsing                                             Deduplication

Data Import and Manipulation                        Name Parsing                                         Deduplication