Formax 6204 / FPi 2300 Series

Product Features:

  • Speed: Up to 2,200/hr
  • Color touchscreen
  • Feeders: Up to 325 sheets
  • 1, 1 1/2, 2 or 2 1/2 Feeders



   We offer both Formax and FP-USA machines. The 6204 / FPi 2300 Series Folder & Inserter brings advanced folding & inserting technology and flexibility to the office environment. A large, color touchscreen control panel with wizard job feature easily guides operators through setup and operation. AutoSet™ allows for one-touch setup of new jobs by automatically measuring paper lengths, envelope sizes and fold lengths. Recurring and frequent jobs run in AutoSet™ can also be stored as one of 15 jobs accessed with the push of a button. The powerful folding system enables the 6204 / FPi 2300 Series to accurately fold up to five sheets of paper at the same time.

Four configurations are available to meet your processing needs. The 6204 / FPi 2300 – Basic 1 offers one automatic sheet feeder. The 6204 / FPi 2300 -Basic 2 model is equipped with two automatic sheet feeders. The 6204 / FPi 2300 – Advanced 1 model has one sheet feeder and one insert/BRE feeder. The 6204 / FPi 2300 – Advanced 2 comes with two sheet feeders and one insert/BRE feeder.

These Inserters offer the power and reliability of larger machines with the ease of operation expected and required for the office environment.